Welcome to Kinal Spa

An space for deep relaxation through world-class treatments in unique facilities that will take you on a journey of complete wellness.


Moments of Tranquility

Inspired by our ancestors traditions, their mysticism, and customs, Kinal Spa has created a peaceful sanctuary to bring you balance between body and soul.

Designed specially to evoke a spiritual, cosmic, and magical culture that transcends time, our authentic spa experiences fill our guests’ inner world with calm and tranquility.



Take an enjoyable and unforgettable inner journey. Choose a treatment from one of our paths to relaxation specifically designed to revitalize, rejuvenate and, reawaken. Let our experts help you delight in a moment of wellness.


Disfrute de la atención personalizada.


10 Sculpt Zone Sessions

10 Firmness Sessions

10 Morpho Designer Sessions

5 Sculpt + 5 Firmness + 5 Morpho

10 50-minute Massages

10 50-minute Facials



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